Reality Is My New Loneliness

she sits in the library alone. 
silence surrounds her.
the tuning noise of nothingness fuzzes through her brain. 
the tingling sensation of laughter coming up but she holds it down. 
she’s a regular in the library. 
you could call her lonely but she she calls it a movie. 
She makes eye contact with everyone who first enters this public place. 
She places a story on them. 
One man who has the background of an old time wartime hero who suffers from ptsd.
A women who had traveled the world with a big time band.
A teen boy who lost his virginity in a vanwagon to a girl who wants nothing but secret with him. 
At first the loneliness was a curse, but she soon dug her way out with a stare and story. 

The loneliness picked up a big hit. 
a guy a few tables ahead. 
red hair.
led zep shirt.
ripped jeans.
dirty converse.
firm hands.
rose kissed lips. 
perfectionist in everyway. 
she zoomed into every characterist there is to catch.
The camera then pans to the left as the star got up to get a new book from the hopeless romantic isle. 
The curiosity. 
the hard decision among many of the unbelievable writers it’s almost impossible to choose which one catches his eye.
he spots something. 
he picks it up and the camera pans back to main set. 
The table. 
He picks up the book and reads but looks up and catches a glare towards the camera direction. 
he smiles. 
the camera smiles back.
after a few glares the star walks over and asked what’s her name? 
this isn’t a movie anymore.
reality is my new loneliness.


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