The Reality of Love


My resolve is to live and to live a life like God.

To live from the 5th dimension

It’s weightless, timeless, limitless, boundary-less, and ageless

My favorite from that is timeless.

Yes, by walking with God I step out of time

Stepping into a life of limitless revelation from him

And that revelation breaks every boundary

That confined the former life I lived.

See, he’s no respecter of persons, so my age is no factor.

In fact He graces me with the unction,

the very ability to function and do all things.

And it’s a weightless process so I can fail nothing.

In order to access this dimension I must obtain a weapon

One of mass destruction, it’s a nightmare to the enemies kind

This weapon is one that heals the sick, and opens eyes for the blind

With this weapons every believer eradicates, terminates and


And then we continue with our business because trough this weapon

We are compelled; live, move, and it radiates from our being.

It’s the weapon of LOVE, yes love.

L-O-V-E, a language known to mankind before we were even established

It set the foundations of the world and my heart it has ravished

Love is patient and kind and see’s no fault from the natural eye

Love is perfect, love is true, love has paid the price for me and you.

See God is love and Love is HE.

God IS. Therefore Love IS.

And as He IS, So am I, so I am Love

I walk it, talk it, breathe it and receive it.

There’s no way I can escape it.

You can call me a LOVE CLASS BEING,

It oozes through my pours, and runs through my veins.

It can never fail and it can never be changed.

The eternal Love of God. God’s love.

My resolve is to love and to LOVE LIKE GOD!


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