Reality Hides


How can I tell

The difference between reality

And these dreams I’m often having?




and convincing,

They haunt me every night.

I’ve been shot

and stabbed;

I’ve been in a car accident

At least once a week.

I’ve lost my family;

my friends;


Where is my sanity?

I struggle to decipher what is real

And what is a dream.

Do you really love me

or was that a figment of my imagination?

The way you touched me,

held me,

kissed me,
Goose bumps linger on my skin.

We’ve been in love,

But you are distant now.

Was it ever real?

This hole I’m in,

is there a way out?

When will I wake up?

I see it,

The end of the tunnel.

But I can’t reach it,

It runs from me,

hides from me.

Is this all a dream too?


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