Reality Duality Infinity Eternity

Mon, 09/28/2020 - 23:05 -- Daseet

Driving down the road of Life. There is pleasure,there is strife.

Walking through the trail of Years.There are hopes,there are fears.

Floating in the sky of Dreams. There are whispers,there are screams.

Sailing on the ship of Fate. There is love,there is hate


GoodEvil.        HeavenHell.       VirtueSin.

For every yang,there's an opposing yin.

From birth to death,so many twists and turns.

From death to birth,we process what we've learned.

It's all as simple as a circle's bend.

There's no beginning and there is no end.


Every coin is tails and heads.

Every soul is life and death.

One half shows. One half hides.

We can't see the other side.


Reality.        Duality.      Infinity.        Eternity







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Our world


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