Reality Of Death


We live to relive the rebirth of life,
Whether shot by gun killed by hand or blood sacrificed,
You took the life of someone now what is there to do,
What you dont know is you took your own and sold yourself too,
Was it the riches and fame that turned you so,
Or was it because you walked in the wrong door,
Tell me what do you see when you look in the mirror,
You say satanist or big drug dealer,
I say lost soul and wanna be killer,
You said, "Forget the free world" though you wanna be free,
Heavans your enemy so hell is where you'll be,
Tell me, how can you sleep with the guilt and pain,
Dont tell me shame in your heart with crack in your veins,
Feigning for a hit just to make it go away,
Taking more souls day after day,
..........Reality Hits.................
Wake up screaming buried in your own sweat,
Crying and praying away years of dept,
Dept of your family, friends, and soul,
Locked behind bars deep down in a hole,
Seeing the faces of innocent lives,
Weeping of children, moms, and wives,
Police sirens playing over and over again,
Writings on the wall of all your sins,
Rewalking the streets were you took those lives,
Only to trip over thoughts and lies,
Saying "everything is fine it will be ok"
Coming face to face with your very last day,
Point blank range looking right down the barrel,
Wasnt gold, silver, platinum, nor sterile,
9 milimeter pointed right at your head,
three shots rang ...enough said,
Lying there gasping for your very last breath,
Only to face the REALITY OF DEATH!


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