Reality. - Dàykia Clark

I'm only 17, I was born in 1999.I thought by 2017over the years things would change but it seems as if we're going back in time.Blacks getting killed by whites, and it's not a problem at all.Whites getting killed by blacks, 911 is the first to be called.Blacks getting killed by blacks, it's not helping at all.How do we expect to get justice when it's our OWN KIND that's KILLING us and WATCHING us fall?NO, I'm not okay. My people NEED to pray. I hope that racism would just leave this world someday.Our generation is messed up and it's sad to say that they only care about what the people on Instagram, and Facebook has to say.I'm tired of hearing that my brothers & sisters are dying. I'm tired of seeing parents & grandparents crying.Father God, we just need to be free,We just raise our fists, they book us in and take our fingerprints,Another one of us dead, it's on their checklist.I thought this was supposed to bethe land of the free,but what the hell is this?Black parents teach your black kids, teach them what you know. Teach them what's right and what's wrong, help them grow. Black man, protect yourself, and stay educated. Black women why must we degrade one another, when in God's eyes we're all related?

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My community
My country
Our world
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