Tue, 06/24/2014 - 03:07 -- SM2J96

The freedom I once felt has gone away
Off to skies they go off in search for something I have lost, long, long ago
Redemption I seek, yet what I find is nothing I want, nothing I need 
All I seek is a person to see the pain and tears hidden behind the beautifully carved mask of what they call a smile 
It seems that all this smile does is bring forth the darkness with in mind, the endless void that I’ve falling though for all these years
So here I am, laying here repenting the sins I never had in anguish, awaiting for the peace to finally lift me away into a place one calls a sanctuary.
Until then I lay here, holding on to the once beautiful carved mask that was once a smile which is slowly falling apart from wear and use, leaving me vulnerable to what we call reality.


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