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This world's corruption grows,
To the point of nearly falling off a cliff.
The toxic air of death ever flows.
... The people who can save it, their hearts remain stiff

They refuse to save it so they can keep the green in their pockets.
They prefer to lie and blame others.
Filling the air with rockets,
Their greed kills children and mothers!

Breathing the toxic air of death, is like -
Being in the lair of a wicked old witch.
She casts her spells with wrath and a laugh.
This world kills itself and others to stay rich.

They know they’re causing suffering and pain,
They don’t care in the slightest!
They burn and destroy us with acid rain,
Their ambitions are not the kindest.

This world’s corruption grows,
We are beaten with powerful brutal blows,
Heaven and Hell, sent are our souls!
... Only death is in return for the seeds man sows.

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Thank you for reading my poem. This poem has already been copyrighted and is owned by myself.
Please enjoy it.

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