What to do when your head’s in the clouds,

Nose in a book,

And dreams fill your day?

What to do when you see faeries,

Magic in the air,

And goblins in the night?

What to do when you long for a story,

To sing you to sleep,

And there’s nothing but silence?

Reality can be rude,


And loud.

But then you see the sun rise.

You hear laughter and then you know,

Life isn’t a fairytale.

No knight is waiting to carry you home.

There’s no such thing as spells and potions

To curse someone or to love them.

You aren’t in the middle of a terrible journey,

But you are the main character

In your own grand adventure

Called life.

Friends can’t see everything,

But don’t shut them out,

Simply because they aren’t figures of folklore

Come to whisk you away.

Enjoy what you have

Not grieve what you don’t.

Live, laugh, love

Because it’s all you can do.

Help others and let others,

Help you.

Reality may not

Be full of mythical creatures,

But let that not be a disappointment.

There is a time for stories and

A time for truth,

So do not confuse the two.


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