Fri, 12/20/2013 - 03:55 -- e-aam


Life is what is real,

It's the one thing that's happenin'.

If you don't feel like living it,

You'll be the one tappin' in--

Tappin' in to oppression and life's degradations,

The crime and the poverty spreading to all the world's nations--

Nations all over who need and want change,

But can't defeat the wars that other countries arrange--

Arrange on the front steps of criminals and civilians,

Destroying the lives of hundreds, more like millions--

Millions of us humans who just needed to be heard,

But not a single person dared profess our word--

Word written and spoken among our ancestors alike,

Pray to them for the courage to step up to the mike--

Microphone in hand, voice in our heart,

We challenge what evil to try tear us apart--

Apart from the bonds we formed in the ashes and fire,

Of the aftermath of a life which none of us desire--

Desire to be better and step up our game,

So that the cool kid in class might remember our name--

Name that's thrown around in rumors at school,

The gossip and backstabbing that will make you a fool--

Fool to fall victim to such cruel hate,

That drives people to kill themselves because no one can relate--

Relate to all the drama of what he said, and she said,

So use your voice to respect those who we love instead--

Instead of shaming others with a venom tipped voice,

Use the gift God gave you in the power called Choice--

Choice to speak out with great power and feeling,

While others use guns for they merit no healing--

Healing in the hearts where no compassion ever came,

When others bargain their lives just to make it to fame--

Fame that was questioned once entry was gained,

"What happened to those you left, your friends who remained?"--

Remained here back home to tell the whole story,

Of the ones who went on to riches and glory--

Glory to those in heaven who are dead,

We honor those loved ones whose life they had bled--

Bled on war zones overseas and on streets all alone,

Their souls and their burdens calling us back home.

Reality is what's happenin',

And life is what's real.

So I'll ask you, my friend,

How do you feel?


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