My heart has a story I need to say,

I wish to go back to the glory days,

I don't want to be here though I dismay,

I wish to go back to the glory days.


As I played out in the pasture,

life was full of grandeur,

and the night full of laughter,

where millions of lighting bugs could be captured.


Love was plentiful and always accessible,

the feeling it gave you was incomprehensible,

although some of their choices might have been questionable,

my parent's were always respectable.


As you grow older and see the world around you,

you learn what's accepted and what not to do,

the rules of life seem to consume you,

and you forget the life as a child you once knew.


When you reflect and remember the days of old,

just remember your parent's loved you like gold,

for you their hearts will never grow cold,

because the extent of their love is untold.


Tell them you care,

and to be safe say a prayer,

because one day you'll be in a chair,

listening to the pastor reciting your parents last prayer!


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