Reality is little more than falling out of a fluffy cloud of tranquility

To fall face-down on a world where the very term of harmony

Is met with glares and people screaming in agony

Because what we pictured was not anything near what is to be

Reality is little more than closing the last pages of fantasy

Look around and struggle simply to believe

That all we do and all we see

Is something more than mystery

Reality is little more than bringing your hopes and dreams

Out of the sky to a place a little lower than

Your expectations and maybe theirs too

So your flimsy hands can go wave a little more

Because it’s a little closer, but not any less farther away

Reality is little more than finally bursting your bubble

And crash into an oceanic mass of waves and storms

All trying to bring you down because nobody wants you

Nobody cares, they want to shut your voice

Reality is little more than realizing everything is meaningless

Sunrise to sunset repeats over whether we see them or not

And some things come and go regardless of what

We do, because our actions may shape the world, but some things we cannot change

Reality is little more than another whisper

“You’re not good enough” because imperfection is my definition

Since all the good things come with double-edged faces

And all you call success drowns in misery before you can even say

“I did well”

Reality is little more than your heart leaping a little higher

Because maybe finally somebody’s eyes met yours with a mutual affection

And you hope to God a romance from fairy tales can sprout between two souls who

Hardly know about themselves, and much less the other person

Until you finally open your eyes to their true colors

And you turn away in disgust

They are just like you

Reality is little more than seeing picture perfect as a perfect lie

It’s only perfect because time stops

And so do the emotions, feelings, thoughts, the world itself

If we can maybe find a moment when all humanity is happy

In one second and stop at that moment

Would “Picture Perfect” come true?

Reality is little more than seeing your attempts to do better

Be trampled underfoot by others who hardly acknowledge you anymore

Paths that once crossed now become thorns against each other

Converge once more just to break the other down

Reality is little more than all the wonders of life

And wonders of emotion

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, hope

Falling down in two-faced despair because we instantly break the purity

Of those words and assume that’s okay

It’s normal to have extraneous thoughts and actions because

We’re not perfect right?

Reality is little more than a glimpse of what life really is

An ugly mess

Why do angels and demons adore us so much?

To always be by our side, tempt us and try us, make us and break us, heal us and hurt us

As if we as a species are so curiously unique

Celestial beings surround us

Reality is little more than realizing

No one is an angel

No one is a demon

We are humans


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