Thu, 05/12/2016 - 13:58 -- BW289

Gravity, a reality

A slumber a tragedy.

What I found out is maddening,

Into the waves it’s dragging me.

Lies, anger, chaos, passing.

All around the lights are flashing,

Hold the phone, the beat is mashing.

Pace picks up cause nothing’s happening.

Push and pull the gates are crashing,
the anger around is whip-whip lashing.

The time is slowly passing,

Until you say the final word, zig zagging.

I try to take a breath, it’s happening.

Once again these thoughts are drowning, entangling.

Cause it’s all around me.

I try to push away time,

But it’s crowding,

Me in like a motherfucking,

Two story building.

And I’m inside the fire, burning.

The flames are reaching for my skin,

I’m hurting.

Like the words you’re not returning.

Empty promises,

And those thoughts are reoccurring.

I’m reaching and I’m still learning.

But I don’t know what is what now,

And every time I reach for you I fall down.

I’m stumbling towards you,

And the walls fall now.

So why the hell am I still waiting around.

I’ve gone to deep,

It’s too late now.

And all the lies you’ve told I try to choke down.

But I can’t give up right now.

In these feelings I’m about to drown.

I can see it in your eyes,

As I’m about to go.

You realize these feelings too,

I’m not alone.

But is it yes or is it no?

Do I take the chance of trusting you,

risking everything,

And you end up breaking my soul?

I can’t wait but I can’t just let you go.

My heads spinning,

Fuck everything that I know.

I can see you want it,

But you’re just too scared to let it show.


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