The Realest

Behind the cameras,

behind the cellphone,

behind the photograph,

who do you really see?


Yes, you'll see a girl

with a pretty smile,

but who is she?

Is she even real?


She's real, my friends-

she sits here and types

whatever's on her mind,

but can you see it?


She may appear happy

in every photo she's in,

but can you tell that smile's fake?

She doesn't even like taking photos of herself.


Behind her smile,

if you look close enough,

you'll find stress, pressure to do the best,

problems she can't resolve, and many, many tears.


She may appear to have it all,

but she doesn't-

most of the time, she only wants

a friend to keep her company, what she doesn't have.


If you look close enough,

beyond the filters and photos,

you'll see her.

I'm right here, real as can be. 


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