The real world

Was it all in vain?

The happiness in my heart that ignited hearing President Obama's name?

The first of rich melanin to be acclaimed the leader of our nation

To now have to face disgust and resignation of the pride once felt for this country.

The immigrants who built this country are now scared for their future,

white women, Muslims, gays, now seem to be the target minority's.

We must not forget how developed from 1775, the peasant turned into the common man.

Progressive concepts are still alive. 

Women were the last to vote, in this day we know we're powerful.

The Japanese Internment can compares to the Holocaust, is this nation so innocent?

How could such ignorance be?

We're all Kings and Queens, with different appearances and things.

The content of such character is the value I seek from hearts of strangers

We were never equal from the start, but we will be today.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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