The Real True Me

I see myself in a mirror filled with flaws

But I cover myself so they won't see

I wear blush, eyeliner, mascara, and fix my hair

So they won't see my pain behind my face.


Before I upload a selfie; I think again

Is this who I truly am?

A girl with a mask? Who won't let others see who I truly am?

Someone who puts pounds of makeup and adds filters to her selfies.


Without makeup I see all my outer defects

Without filters I see myself miserable

The eyes say it all

They reveal the real me; the person I want to hide.


I have no self-esteem; I'm not proud of who I am

But deep inside I know I can be better

That I don't need any makeup to look prettier

But as I see other girls

I look at them and tell myself why can't I be like them

But I realize that I don't need makeup

To be the real true me.


Without makeup, I now realize that I am beautiful 

In every possible way, maybe not outer but inner

I realize that I just want attention 

I want to be noticed by others.


When my pictures don't have filters, they just seem plain

They have nothing beautiful

Just my face; the face I don't want.


I try to be as positive as I can

But there will always be mirrors that reflect the real you

Mirrors that speak the truth and my selfies reveal it indeed

But as they say what matters is the inside

And I will stop trying to look prettier than the rest

Because I know that I am beautiful in my own way.


I will be strong and confident

And believe that I don't need makeup

Because what matters is who I am

Someone who will achieve her goals in life.


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