The Real Shelby




The real me

that is the question

but I am still discovering who I want to be

but that doesn’t matter

as long as I am true to my self.


What I show people is not what I see in the mirror

they see a persona which I

have created

for the world to see but

it is not the girl

with a fake smile who

is always serious.


In my heart I love to laugh and

have a good time

but it feels like I have to be responsible

and serious

to be mature

but that isn't true at all.


Deep inside I love Disney

romantic moments

playing on tire swings

jamming out in my kitchen

with sliding around in my socks

acting like an idiot.


I enjoy hard work

and getting back up from falling down

being independent

being dedicated

and giving 100% at everything I do.


The reason why I don't

show this side of me is simple

I want to be strong for my family

strong for my friends

and most importantly

I need to be strong for myself.



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