Real Red White and Blue

Keeping it real about America, the land of the free and brave,
Long gone are the days of the slave,
How is it though we still have wars on race?
Americans working for super low wage?
What is our country coming to? I don't know,
Donald Trump is the president yo!
Entrepreneur running the place,
Keeping it stirred up about race.
Wanting to build a wall on the border
Melting pot is gone, we need order.
How to stop North Korea?
Putin laughing wouldn't wanna be ya!
Terrorists came to us 9/11
School security needed 24/7
We need a country with peace and love,
One that respects the Lord above
Bring back prayers into the school
Who cares if everyone thinks it isn't cool?
Parents need to step up and be in charge
Kids need to stop running at large
Family dinners back on the table
Possible? Yes we're able.
Think about long ago
When entertainment was a picture show
Get rid of gaming and TV
Show the world what the US can be!

This poem is about: 
My country


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