The Real Purpose Of My Life

I am a religious man from a small island in the Caribbean.
Faith, love, hope and goodwill are my greatest possessions.
My hope is as strong as the faith and the love that I have.
Every day I search for truth in the pages of the Bible.
The sacred texts help me to understand the real purpose of my life.
Why should I dwell in a land where there is no peace?
My hope is in a future paradise in which there will not be any suffering.
So I must share my hope with the inhabitants of the world.

My principal desire is to obey the commandments of Jehovah.
His words have more value to me than all the wealth of the world.
I am poor in vanity, but I am rich with God.
I have neither credentials nor a high position in the society.
My material achievements are very few in number,
But God has given me an abundance of wisdom, talent and ability.
I live each day to worship God and demonstrate love for my neighbours.
And I believe that I have discovered the real purpose of my life.

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Jan Wienen

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