The REAL me

Hi there, this is the real me.

Not the smart, energetic, and lovable person you know.

But, the person behind the curtain,

the one I don't show.


The real me is lazy,

I could sleep until 2pm and still not get up.

The real me has an attitude,

that even the Devil himself couldn't deal with.

The real me will call you at 2am

because I have nothing to do with my time.

The real me would start an argument with you

and tell you to apologize.


But, no one sees the real me.

No one sees who I really am,

because this persona has taken over,

This lovable character has never shown its true colors.

This flamboyant person has caught your attention already,

and if you see anything less it will hurt your imagination.


This person you don't see will slaughter your childhood

because of how dull they speak.

Force you to think of how the world really works,

and you barely can comprehend Astronomy.


You can barely process what's really going on,

until it hits you in the face like a abusive parents hand on a innocent child.

This isn't her, she 'changed' into something I don't want to be around.

But in reality "she" never changed she just showed you how she really was, 

to see if you would accept her, and you didn't.


You see this is why most people need filters because

if you see what really lurked behind the shadows,

If you just stepped from behind the boundaries even an inch.

if you just turned your imagination off for once in a while,

You would grasp the understanding that they aren't what you perceive.




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