The Real Me

I'm known as a mute
the one who never responds with belief
However there is story behind
what I truly am.
With secretiveness I show focus and perception
My mental quickness and intuition recognizes
the thoughts and feelings of others.
I'm as pure as a white dove
but I'm also as sturdy as an oak
I come across and carry many burdens in life
I will bear for those who I sincerely care.
I may not be a leader but
will carry on for others.
The amity I carry within
shows how valuable of a person
I genuinely interpret.
All those characteristics link to one special
matter, a pearl.
A pearl promotes
prosperity and success
it also symbolizes purity and innocence.
My name is a name of french origin meaning, Pearl.
Even though my name is not ranked
within the top 1000 names
I'm still proud to say,
                                                 My name is Magaly


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