the real me

the real me 

i don't seek jealosuy

but it comes to me

i hate that it comes even with those that i care

it might be my hair

or the fact that 

when i look in the mirror

im not sure who is looking back

this chubby cheeked girl 

she loves to read

ahes scared to lose 

all of what she cares for


scared to lose another friend

scared that she is just a forgotten memory

yet i can see 

a girl that want to be happy 

to overcome all that defies her

yet she is weak 

and often lets the works of other 

oor her actions 

define her

this girl wishes to forgive

and be forgotten

she wishes to change

but to cause something good in the lives of other

as she want happiness 

to be more htan just a word

to be something that other can live by

but most of all 

this girl that looks like me 

looking back at me in the mirror 

whishes to love herself 

more than she desires the rest

because only then 

will she finally rest

and live to create the change 

so who is she ?

this is

the real me 


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