The Real Me

The real me 

Is someone who hides behind the pain and the anger.

The real me is someone who keeps

their mouth shut so they dont say the wrong things. 

I am Mute, I am invisible,

I am nothing but a shadow of the person I let you see.

The lashed tongues, the "You are an assignment", the "bastard child" comments,

They are what hold me back.

Because you cant change the way someone thinks, feels, or does.

The real me is a girl with big blue/green/brown eyes

that are red rimmed because she can't, no.

She won't speak up about who she is. 

The real me is a demon behind the angelic mask that is slowly 

Cracking and falling apart and one day.... One day that mask

Will finally crumble to dust and the girl that was hiding behind that curtain 

Of pain and anger will be free. 

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