The Real Me

Who Am I?

I'm the guy that's up at night, too busy staring in the sky.

Brought up in the country state of Texas, But I guess I'm not real because I'm not that reckless.

I was raised by the good words, & somehow ended up a nerd.

Had a controller in my hand since age 3, I'll admit I'm abit of a game freak.

Comics are my thing, I'd rather have that than any sort of bling.

Yeah I get depressed & I know that's bad, but in all honesty there's nothing in this world to keep me from being sad.

  For some reasom though I push on.

Living, fighting, trying to survive until the break of a new dawn.

A weak smile is always on my face, I mean come on, you think I'm easy to break?

In reality I'm just a guy, who used to be abit  too shy at times.

Now I've spoken, but everything I've written isn't as good as Tolkien.

#NoFilter? Ok so watch me & just how serious deep this life can truly be 


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