Real Man

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 19:10 -- Amirah
This hopeless embryo
Resting in my womb
breathing inside of me
kicking as if to say
"hello im still here"
hearing the sounds of
the earth
lisenting to my heartbeat
it eats what I eat
little eyes
little toes
thats usally how 
the story goes
Maybe the name will come
to me
while i'm studying
for my sat's
Maybe it'll be smarter than me
Ise know its gonna be a boy
Cause thats what doctor said
Imma teach it how to be
a man
I know he
gona be a better man
than his daddy
he lefted When Isa told
isa  pregnat
he called me a whore
said he cant see me
no more
but thats okay
cuz ize got
Alex on the way
and isa teach my baby
how to be a 
real man

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