Real Love

As I walk into the room, I see her sitting in a corner.  

With tears in her eyes, she tells me that I truly love her.

She never knew what love was before she met me.

Love to her was a toxic cycle of feeling unwanted and unworthy of love.

The people who she thought she loved betrayed her and let her feel abandoned.

Love was an empty and broken word that only brought pain to her heart.

Sitting next to her, I tell her because I love you, I will never leave your side even in times when you push me away.

Because I love you, I will show you that you matter even on days when you feel worthless.

Because I love you, I will carry you on days when you feel you have no strength to walk.

Because I love you, I will show you the light in your darkest of days.

Because I love you, I will do anything to see a smile on your face.

I want you to see love and cherish it because you now know what it is.

I want you to love yourself.

I want you to tell yourself everyday that you matter and that you always deserve love.

Never let anyone take away your worth and dignity.

Because you are my sweet dandelion that deserves all the love in the world.

As long as you are by my side, I will protect, care, and respect you until the end

Because I love you.


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