Real Love

You say you love me
But what does that really mean?
Is it that you treat me like a queen?
Or eliminate the we so that YOU can be free

Free to do your own thing
And have a casual fling
Causing my mind to wander
While my heart no longer becomes fonder

I want real love and affection
Not just an erection
Nor an inspection or collection
Of DM’s that will succumb to overprotection

A healthy relationship is what I need
Where we have respect
And animosity is what we neglect

Don’t hinder me from having a good time with my friends
Trust that I will be coming home to you in the end
Speak up if there’s an issue
Let’s not wait until it’s too late and we have to say
“I miss you”

No, I will not lose sight of who I am
Instead I’ll become better and one day say damn...
I just might want to start a fam

We should value each other’s opinion
There is no dominion
We are equal and equal we remain

Our love will not be in vain
But it will last forever
That is what I want whatsoever


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