real love


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What is real love?
Does it exist?
How can I obtain such A thing?
What must I do?

Well here's what I think real love is,real love to me is being able to trust that person who you so called,"love" wheter they are standing right in front of you our is halfway across the world
You say you love this person But you can't even love yourself this is one of the many things that go through my head everyday I tell myself not to fall in love but when that special someone comes along what am I to do?,I want to love again and I want to feel loved again but there's no way I can do that If I can't even love myself I don't know everything I just learn by experience and experience has taught me to say "no","Don't fall for it","it's a trap" they'll just end up hurting you in the end do you want to go through another heartbreak how much more can my heart take?,I can't keep doing this,Knowing that I am afraid to give someone my all it scares me I'm so terrified of being hurt.
So you go ahead and ask me what is real love?
Ask me if I think it exist?
Ask me if this "real love" is something I can hold?
Ask me what you can do to get it?
You want to know what my answer is well here it is
"Be careful of the one you love".

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