Real Love

You smiled 

I laughed 

We sat at lunch together 

He made fun of me

You punched him

I was shocked, but glad

The Day Of Love slowly crept by

You bought me flowers

But I bought nothing 

I was mortified 

Shame and embarrasment clouded my thoughts 

You looked at me 

And spoke those sweet words

"Darling, you're more than enough"


Glistening white

The end of the aisle is where you were

Beaming proudly

While I was filled with absolute anxiety


The wheels grinding 

I was gasping for air 

Wanting this moment to be over 

I looked up 

And saw your smiling face 

The doctor said she was beautiful


Things breaking 

Pieces everywhere 

Our words are nothing but knives 

Each time cutting a piece of each other 

We walk away in opposite directions 

The anger still lingers 


Everything is Black 

The man known as daddy

Has passed away

My heart is pounding

And Pounding 

And Pounding 

I think it might shatter 

Rage, bitterness, regret, I feel them all

You walk in

I'm ready to yell

I'm ready to scream

I'm ready to release all the rage   

I'm ready to fight 

But you slowly wrap your arms around me 


Where is the argument?

Where are the words?

You respond 

"Because I Love You"


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