Real Love (1 John 3:18 Let us not love with words or tounge but with actions and in truth.)


United States
United States

This is a word that once had so much meaning
But now?
It's just another word
You use it to entrap someone
To control a soul yearning for love
Real love
Not the kind that you throw around
The kind that's everlasting
Sadly though
Only one is capable of this kind
If you follow in his ways
He can create you another pathway
Where love actually means something
Stop just saying the word
You need to demonstrate with action
Along with a true passion
To help complete
The need of truth
From who?
Why yes, it's you!
Be consistent in what you do
This is not a one time thing
Just some low-leveled fling
This is the real deal
Something that to you should appeal
I speak the truth
From the word given unto you
Since you choose not to read
I shall simply help you concede
I am but a messenger
Guiding you to follow
And swallow
What has always been the truth
Past by since your youth
Take it and receive
As I leave you to ponder on it humbly
And even though you'll always be free
The choice you make
Gives you your own destiny


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