Real Life

Real life isn't like T.V.
It doesn't cut away to commercial.
It doesn't end always end in resolution. 
Real life is messy and it's loud.
Its watching a marriage of several decades
Snuffed by the end that takes us all.
It's being more empty then you've ever felt. 
It's music too loudly and substances abused.
It's poor choices and poorer results.
It has more problems then fit in to a thirty minute slot.
Life doesn't get resolved at the end of the season. 
Sometimes it breaks you. 
Real life isn't a hero saving the day. 
It doesn't get a clear antagonist. 
The villain is the never ending eternal grind. 
Real life is full of broken promises and lost dreams. 
Full of half people and drifting hearts. 
But every now and then, as it will
When the chaos adds up just so
and the events cascade in the right way
Real life is just like T.V.
Once in a moment
You find everything you need. 
Because long after the reruns turn infomercial
Real life continues on. 
It lasts forever but for us,
It's over in the blink of an eye. 
But that's not scary. 
Endings are ok. 
Because if you have that someone.
You never have to fear closing your eyes.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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