Real Impact


For just a split second your heart had stopped.

You heard the obscene collision prime;

then came the image, as your mouth dropped

with shock, you craved a bit more time. 


Before you - a stampede of cars,

uncomfortably clenched in each other's embrace.

As you looked at the drivers, you saw dim scars

appearing reluctantly on every face. 


You grabbed for the wheel while slamming the breaks, 

The seatbelt dug into your chest.

Thoughts fluttered your brain like a million snakes

quenching your mind in distress. 


“Mom please, forgive my stupid mistake.

What if I took someone's life?

What have I done, for God's sake.

Please lord, help me survive.”


The heat from the airbag plunged into your face.

Your senses no longer abide.

One single sound that kept you awake

was the siren from miles behind.


As they dragged you out of the desolate mess 

you were drenched in blood, yet so calm.

For a moment they wondered what caused this stress,

then a cell phone slipped out of your palm. 


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