The Real Her

Blue eyes to rival the sea

And highlights from the sun

Her smile isn't the brightest

But it's a miracle she still has one


A laugh that's never quite the same

Lights up any room she enters

Though her personality begs attention

She never wants to be at the center


She'll dance when no one's looking

She'll sing her heart out to a song

Rainy days were never gloomy for her

While for others they seemed dreary and long


When she cracks the cover of a new book

Her heart begins to race

The smell of the pages is what she craves

At each new chapter she quickens her pace


When she catches her reflection

She pauses now and then

It's easy to forget the outside

When you're busy looking in


Her favorite movie has often been her best friend

The words now inked onto her heart

A story of fellowship and danger

Friendship being the best part


Quietly she wishes she could return to the days

When ocean  melodies and birdsongs were her tunes

A toothy grin adorning a young face

The doorway to heaven being through the moon


She lives in the future most of the time though

Dreaming of days that seem perfect and pretty

She'll lose her head up in the those clouds

But that won't stop her from coming back with something witty


She really is a romantic you know

True love and soul mates are something she believes to be real

One day she hopes to find her long lost lover

They'll meet in the library or maybe hanging from a Ferris wheel


She's proud of who she's become

The path to get here seemed to be winding

But when she finally saw around that curve

Who she was became quite blinding


Faith and friends keep her company

She's content with a smaller crowd

Don't mistake her for anything but a social butterfly however

She's not afraid to voice her thoughts aloud


Everything in nature grabs at her sight

Each blossom needing to be seen

The world is her oyster

She wants to plant her feet in places she's never been


So this girl you see in the hallway

The one you see driving the minivan around town

She's completely unique from what you thought she was

She would refuse the throne if you offered her a crown


She wants what she wants

As stubborn as she can be

But every night the first star she sees

She begs to give in to one dreamer's plea



Now this is the story of just one person

I know there are 7 billion on the planet

But she believes getting to know one person can make all the difference

So what do you think? Can it?



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