A Real Father


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I cannot count or even list
The things you’ve done for me and
Everything you’ve helped me through
Since my father has refused to step up to the plate
And protect his little girl
You stepped in when we needed you most
You picked up the pieces
And fixed three shattered lives
Through the years…
You have gave us brand new lives
Where we don’t look back and feel the pain again
You taught me how a child should be raised
Away from fear and protected from violence
Never again would I have to
See my brother hide under his bed
Or cry “Daddy, don’t hurt me”
Or smell the whiskey on his breath
When I come home from school
You taught me how I should be loved
How a man should love a woman
How I want my future husband to be
And how love is unconditional
You stuck with me
Through my hatred
Of you, of me, of the world
You helped me understand
That it wasn’t my fault
That I didn’t make him leave
You stepped in
When I was ready to give up
When I decided that I wanted a permanent solution to the problem
No matter how bad things got
You never gave up
On me, my mom, my brother
Or my brand new baby brother
You always encouraged me
And told me I could do better
I never believed you
Until it happened
I never thought a step-dad
Could become such an influence
I never knew that a step-dad
Could be such a hero
I never guessed that my step-dad
Could become my dad


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