Real Eyes Realize

I guess it took time for me to see

Just how unlucky I can be

Once again, I'm becoming envious of you

I know this feeling isn't right

But sometimes alone, I can't win this fight

Everyday and every night

A constant battle between me, myself and I

I really want to start fresh and see and a new me

 But it's hard I'm telling you

When you don't know who to be

Sometimes we all just need to take a break from being someone else

Because doing so for too long, could put you under a spell



It's what I want

But I'm scared at the sight of it



It's what I need

But it's difficult to receive



It's what I desire

But it's hard to find the right one



It's what keeps me on my feet

But sometimes I'm not as good as I thought


There's many things I value in life

And I know one couldn't have it all

But sometimes in order to rise, we need to fall

This poem is about: 
My community


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