Real and True? by: Jaay Dee Kayy

Sometimes no matter what you do, it always ends up fucked up,

He's putting their needs before you, now you're the one that's fucked up,

I already know that letting your old life go is tough-tough,

But at least have the goddamn balls to tell me yourself,

Like nigga you pussy for not even having the courage to step,

But you can step to these other girls, dap em up, smile and kee-kee

Then you can text my friend and subliminally say I'm needy,

Or serious or whatever, but I'm just not into childish games,

The way you did this shit was just so fucking lame,

I have no more respect for you, not even in the slightest,

And its not like you had real feelings for me, like that part you couldn't even hide it,

I already knew that you were just attracted to my body,

That's that athlete shit, but bet it up, you'll see what you missed,

I swear to God I'm so vindictive, like nigga I will fuck your friend,

But nah I won't cause I don't like him, but if I did it'd be O.V.,

Like bro, we was just cool, why can't you just fucking TALK TO ME?!

Like bro, the first time in a long time I felt so fucking lovesick,

The first time in a long time, I opened up my view,

I knew this shit was a game, just to invade my time and space,

To end this off, fuck them, fuck life, and fuck you,

Because this venemous sneaky shit just done fucked my whole mood,

And I hope I won't forever be stuck on you,

But I always got a plan B like contraceptive in blue,

Like, real and true? Real and true?

Like I said, fuck them, fuck life, and fuck you,

Because all along your pussy ass was never real and true.

Now what do I do?


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