Ready as I'll ever be, ready and willing to be more.

Time encapsuled, just like myself, time not taken is time torn.

Waiting, for something to happen, waiting to feel alive.

Waiting wears on ones energy, to be still shortens one stride.

Am I still among the living, lately its been hard to tell, my blood is surely flowing, I surely feel my heart swell.

May I take a peice of you, I wouldn't dream of such without your consent.

May I walk with a peice of you, to connect is my only intent.

I've been bored as late, though my world is filled with colors. No longer numb, no longer lost, what I'm truely missing is the sense of others. I have a father, I have a mother, a daughter and a lover. What I'm missing is a collar, without one I'll ascend, and you'll all seem a little smaller. 


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