Re-Defining My Dreams

Tension Rising in my heart; fear paralyzing me from the neck down
Frozen numbly; staring intently at my reflection in the mirror
Bones decaying more and more
As I ran farther away from my dreams they chase me into a dead end
Trapping me in a cage crying out for attention
Shackles clasped tightly to my feet
My hands cramp from excessive wear; my creativity is choked and strangled by society
This cage ; these rusty bars now define me , My dreams knock louder and louder
As I weep on my knees seeking my identity.
Who am I?
I am who my father created me to be: My dreams are a part of me
So why should I run and hide? Every Ounce of me that God place inside of me comes
Crashing into my heart like heavy tides
Anticipating the very moment of eruption
God placed these dreams inside of me –In my darkest moments he used them as lights in my life
Leading me straight to him
I let fear clear away my inspirations
Take away my motives and drown out my voice, But now I rise above the Say-So’s of this World
I am no longer defeated and my dreams will not be deleted, I am more than a conqueror through
My father who loves me
I am a daughter of the highest king
I am victorious in all things, I am breaking lose from these shackles and removing these burdens
I am not caged; I am free because of My Heavenly father gave me his power to bring his name glory
And today I have decided to give God all of me
And that means chasing after my dreams!

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Uhhhhmazing! I particularly like your use of metaphors! You have a great style and strong vocabulary.

Advice: If you are not rhyming throughout your entire poem, try and stay away from it entirely in the form o words that are too similar. E.g. particular, similar. Instead, try matching the end sound only so the reader doesnt feel like theyve missed any other obvious rhymes in the poem.


Thank you for your advice and for taking the time to read my poem. I will take your advice into consderation when I write anoter poem. 


Thanks !

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