Re** Broken But Strong

Helped me up cause you pushed me down '

Made me laugh cause you created this frown You lied I cried what a sucker I am ... 

your a boy ' Not a man  

My love unconditional 

and hard for you to understand 

Wasn't about trust Maybe lust  Trying to make you love me is hard So letting you leave is sadly what I need 

come and go like Summer breeze  

on and off like a sneeze  

the love we made was real  

more like the biggest deal  

putting my pride aside so you can feel  

you don't , and you won't  its ok you lost 

im strong and powerful Without a doubt  

lack of happiness there will always be a unpleasant pout .....

Tears in my eyes of certain hope  your adding fuel to a on going fire  With a certain growth .... 

When there’s questions full of suspense  ill be better with distance 

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