Rays Of Success

I Can't Quit...

But its Hard...

It feels, Impossible...


I try to dive in the books

I study

And still I receive a 67 percent

Dropping out sounds like a good idea

Better than Dropping dead right?


But my future?

Failure is success

Its trying to find the sun

Threw the fierce rain storm

that feels impossible

1 thousand cinder blocks of doubt

1 million reasons to percevier and beat the odds

Adversity breeds success


Thank Failure...

For it is the unconventional path to success

Thank Goals...

For they are the opportunistic doors waiting to be opened


When you reach the summit

Look down From the peak

The Adversities, Failures, Doubts

They disperse and fade away

Into the view

Where success now stands


When times get unbearable

And stress beats

In your head

Just as much

As your heart

Think of adversity

As a phase

That will one day

Pass and lead it self

To the end of the fierce rainstorm

And Introduce you to the

Rays of Success....



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