Words splashed across a page scream out at me-

I’m coming, I’m coming-

There is a hunger that drives me on

To the next word, to the next line, the next paragraph, page-

Be patient, be patient-

But there is not a drop of patience left in me

I am ravenous, starving

I devour all I can in a single sweep of my eyes-

What happens, what happens?

I have to know, I must know-

There is a fire in my mind raging, ravaging, pillaging

Its voice rises steadily until I can’t hear the words anymore

For the primal, rhythmic shriek is echoing, echoing

I cannot tame it

I can only manage to calm it with the promise of raw food

Fresh, still bleeding

So it sits and fidgets in impatient eagerness as I continue

Through words, sentences, paragraphs, pages

Until finally, finally, I am done


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