Rationing The Strawberries

ration the strawberries and only eat two

stare at flesh through reflection and watch how attractive you look as you hold your breath wishing it was true

awake from slumber at nine on the dot

and get your heart rate up until it feels as though your body could collapse into a ball

consume small portions, so tiny even an infant could beg for more

then slice areas where you wish would shrink

“god i’m so sore”

once you’ve become the desired look…small waist, skeleton face

you’re malnourished but deserving of a mass calorie intake

realize now you eat tons to make up for that rationed strawberry from two years ago

stuff until unrecognizable and hatred grows

hunger haunts you so you fill and release forcefully on bathroom floors

get up and attempt to adore scares on fat

continue rationing strawberries

until your stomach’s flat

never stop starving

remember that

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