Rare Wings

Difference. Individuality. At first it was going to be anything but the norm,  these days is promoted to be different, but how far can you go. I didn't fit in to the basic groups: jocks, cheerleaders, geeks. Outcast would be the best category for me. I tried to do normal to wear a face others liked to see. It didn't work out. Outcast, even that doesn't seem to fit who I am. I'm different. I see things differently. Too different. I go at problems fearlessly, and at angles that no one would dare go from. Religion, I'm Catholic, but at the same time there something I can't understand. Different religions beat, hate, and even discriminate against others. Yet they all have things in common: a God by whichever name they call it, he did inhuman things. Why do we have to hide your face away just so there's no conflict between us? But that just might be human nature: to hate things that don't agree or fit in our life. I don't fit. Even with this almost perfect charade of normal I put on. I thought it would it would be like if I wasn't here. I was put on suicide watch for that (heh!). But I have come to one conclusion. The world keeps spinning with or without me. I'm an outcast who sees things from behind the cast and the outside of the bubble. I've got a whole different view of the world, and thanks to that I can be placed in normal categories. After all I'm such a rare person I have to hide my wings. 


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