A Rare Love

Why do I have this rare love?
I can’t forget the life I had with her
The remembrance of her obsesses me
I keep recalling the love I once knew

She had the rarest beauty
I used to caress her pale brown skin
One day she refused my touch
My affection for her is still alive
And my love will never die

She’s the subject of my poetry
I write poems about her love
If I could live for a million years,
Time wouldn’t make me forget her

This is definitely an unnatural love
She couldn’t understand it
I’m unable to bury the past
She gave me a feeling of euphoria
And it won’t let me move on

Now my fate rests in her hands
The thoughts of losing her make me blue,
But I’d rather think about her
Than find happiness with another girl

There’s a rare love in my heart
I wish she knew the strength of my love
She doesn’t want to see me again,
But I can’t forget the joy I felt
And I’m still burning with love for her


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