Rare Love


Boulder Colorado
3100 34th st APT#F-71
United States
27° 48' 0.4284" N, 82° 40' 46.5636" W

I wish I could tell you,

What you are to me,

How much I love you,

How you make me feel so free.


You make my world go round,

You make my black days bright,

You make me feel safe and sound,

You are my Mr. right.


I think about you day and night,

Wishing I could hold you again,

Gazing at the moonlight,

With you there is no pain.


You will never truly know,

How much you mean to me,

How time with you seems to slow,

How special you are to me.


All the things you do for me,

Are so inexplicably much,

You worry and care for me,

Which is why I cherish you so much.


The feeling of your warm embrace,

The way you look into my eyes,

The smile on your gorgeous face,

The way everyday is a loving surprise.


The man of my dreams who satisfies me.

The man whose love I wish to redeem.


You're the one I love,

The one I care for,

The one I trust,

The one I'm there for.


I can picture my future vividly,

With you by my side,

Living so happily,

Without you I'd die.


Our love and bond is far too strong,

This rare love we'll share forever long.


Look into my eyes and tell me what you see,

Tell me baby that you'll never leave me.


Now I am here,

Wishing you were near,

For all that I know,

I'll always love you so.


For this true love,

That we both share,

This, my love, is so very rare.


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