Rapunzel's Hour of Freedom


United States


Boom? Bang? Blast?

I whisper,

sounds more exciting

than these walls that haunt me.


I wonder,

is that the sound?

my ear is filled with curiosity.


Many years I longed to know

the freedom only my locks have felt,

from my tower I'd pull them in

to hear what each strand had seen

and dwelled on what each had said.

"Hurry clean them up!" I'd say

for I wanted every last detail.


Each day came to pass and 

at times the world didn't seem different,

Swish! Squeal! Splash!

the sound of something 

made different.

if only it were mere reality,

was it?

A freedom I only felt

when my heart could only listen?

A sound I only imagined 

the outside of these walls could hear?

A song I longed to sing 

at last was very near.







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