Rapunzel's Happily After

O Rapunzel, she was up in her tower all day

She often wondered what the world was like

Her cell phone kept her company every day

She often would take pictures of her golden hair

She would often text people all day long


She was not that lonely up in her tower

She had all of the social medias possible

Social media made her feel connected

The world suddenly felt a lot smaller

She thought she had all she needed


A handsome gentleman appeared in her news feed

She followed his Instagram without a second thought

He followed her back after to her surprise

He complimented on her long golden hair

She got excited while forgetting about the tower


She did not message him due to fear

He proceeded to like all of her photos

Her excitement kept growing through every like

She messaged him one cold Sunday evening

He surprisingly wrote right back without hesitation


She felt that she could not share about the tower

She was very embarrassed about her situation

She could not meet him with her strict mother

She decided to talk to him anyways


He messaged her about meeting her one day

She did not want to decline, but she did

He persisted and developed a plan for them

She was scared out of her mind but willing


He arrived at her castle that day after

He called for her to come down

She took a long time but eventually did

They both went out on a date

They ended up getting married and Rapunzel had a happily after


This poem is about: 
Our world


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