The Rapunzel who had enough.


United States
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Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair!

She hears those words come from this seemingly beast everday and night,

The repition causes her anger to flare,

leading her to make the decision to put up a fight. 


One day she makes up a plan, 

she prepares for this fight all day long.

She hopes she can succeed, she tells herself she can.

The 6 words are heard and she hopes nothing goes wrong.


She swoops down her hair and prepares to attack,

her grip tightens and her eyes become narrow. 

The beast responsible for these words is not prepared for the upcoming comeback. 

All of a sudden there is a flying arrow. 


The revealing of the "beast" of the words is but a surprise. 

It is a handsome prince that just doged an arrow with fear in his eyes. 




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