Rapunzel, Rapunzel; Where is Your Prince?

One day my prince will appear

One day love will be near

And I'll be free

To leave this tower and flee

Because my prince will have found me


I have waited so long

For my prince, big and strong 

He would do absolutely nothing wrong 

And I'd love him my whole lifelong


Yet it's been quite a while, you see

Surely he's just sharpening his knife

Though It's been quite a few years. Two? No, three!

He must be delayed, some great strife

Still, why won't he take me to wife?

I've been here oh so long

Awaiting my prince, tall and strong

Tall and strong

Or was it big and strong?

Or maybe tall and handsome?

Strong and handsome! 

Strong and tall?




How long have I been waiting?






How long have I been waiting for someone else's kindness?

How long have I been assuming someone else would save me?

How long have I been gazing blankly out this window?

How long have I been wishing on every star that shone? 


How long--

How long--

How long--


How long have I been fooling myself that someone else cares?


How long?


How much longer will I stay here, caged like an animal?

How much longer will I deny myself a youth like any other?

How much longer will I endure this heart breaking isolation?



No longer.



I refuse 

To wait for a knight in shining armor


I refuse

To wait for a dragon sleighing prince


I refuse

To wait one more moment in this god forsaken place


I need nothing and no one

It's how I've lived so far 

So why should I waste my life away 

Waiting for a prince who'll never come?


There's one person who will always help,

One person who will always support me


And she's been here all along


The only person who can rescue me

Who can swoop in and sleigh the terror

Who can ride off into the sunset 

Who can wake me from a kiss of death

Who can break the evil curse

Who can save me from this horrid state



Is myself 



For, if I don't save myself, who will?


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Our world
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