This angers me.

The fact that an innocent 16 year old had to go through something horrible

The fact that she was unconscious and those jerks took advantage

The fact that they took pictures and posted them online

The pictures showed that her innocence is gone


This bothers the hell out of me

That those disturbing of pictures of this young girl getting raped

Didn't even disturb some people

They made a meme out of her, they made a song out of her

How low can you be? Rape isn't funny!


I hate that there are girls getting raped at parties

Because it bothers me to know that there are guys out there only trying to take advantage

How can you ever live knowing that you used girls for pleasure?

How do you show your face to the world knowing that you rape girls?


Girls are not sex toys!

We ain't here for guys to fuck anytime they fuckin' want!

We are HUMAN, Jada is HUMAN! 

It just pisses me off that people are so twisted!


And to the morons who made vine videos and a fuckin rap songs about this disturbing news

You are  fuckin stupid and so thoughtless!

Ugh! At least have some sympathy! And take rape serious you ass holes!

Rape Isn't Funny.



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